Thursday, December 31, 2009

Off we go…

Elaine and I had a wonderful time with Mike over these past few days. We left on the 26th for Mike’s and spent two days there with him. We saw a great movie, Avatar. If you have not seen this movie yet it is amazing!
After our couple days with Mike we brought him home to Louisa with us. He spent two days here with us. We bought a used (1985 LeBaron) car for him. He had a great semester at Ivy Tech and we told him if he did well we would help him with school. He should be eligible to do volunteer fire fighting very soon and needed the car.
On January 1st we are leaving with Fr. Anthony (our priest from India) for Florida. This will be a wonderful experience for him. When we asked him if he knew where Florida was, he said “Yes, by Main, right?. No, Father, Florida is not by Maine, it is a bit further south of there.” This will be a blast with him in Florida, what a treat it will be!

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  1. Way to go Mike!!! We're very proud of you! Happy new year to all of the Vogels!!