Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our time is coming to an end.........

As many of you know, Rick and I have been working with Father Beiting Appalachian Mission Center since November.

After much prayer and thought, more prayer and discussion, and then more prayer, we have decided we will be leaving FBAMC a little early, at the end of June.

There have been many changes during our time here; some easy and some very difficult.

We have enjoyed being stretched beyond our comfort zone, even though it made us feel uncomfortable at times and was very, very difficult. We have enjoyed corresponding with many groups committed to helping the poor by giving up their time to come her, to eastern Kentucky, and work with the mission center. We have enjoyed the new experiences and challenges presented to us every day. We are proud of the work we have accomplished, and the work we have set in motion. Our hope and prayer is the ground work we have laid out for volunteers will continue. That the much needed long term volunteer facility which is being built, will be completed and filled with excited and dedicated volunteers to help further the Kingdom of God.

At this time, we are feeling called back home. Rick absolutely must finish his Masters in Theology at Notre Dame this fall. He received an extension until December. He must have both his written thesis and his oral exam completed by that time. Unfortunately, he only has a rough outline completed right now. Because of Rick's disability and the struggles it causes with his reading, he will need the extra time to commit himself totally to writing this thesis and preparation for his orals.

We have been blest to have worked with the "Saint of the Appalachian Mountains". Our lives are richer for this experience. We have truly been blest!!!